Mark Cuban and Todd WagnerProbably the biggest hurdle facing an independent filmmaker today is finding a company to distribute their film. Sure, it may play a few of the "cool" festivals like Slamdance and SXSW, but beyond that, with a very small window and the oh-so-important marketability factor playing pink elephant in the corner, so many great films are ignored and pushed aside. However, a new distribution initiative has just hit the scene that - get this - allows a filmmaker to pay up front and see their film play in as many as 20 markets. Through their company 2929 Entertainment, Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner's Truly Indie will utilize the Landmark Theater chain to help celebrate those independent films without a home. According to Cuban, "Traditionally movies have had to find distribution in order to get into theaters. The Truly Indie program allows filmmakers to control their own destiny." He added, "It's a way for indie film makers to slide by the gatekeepers." Sounds great, but most folks spend their entire life savings making the actual film; asking them to finance the distribution as well could be a tough sell. In case you're interested, $40,000 gets you one week in five markets, while as much as $150,000 will garner a week-long theatrical run in 20 markets. On the plus side, the filmmaker retains 100% of the box-office receipts as well as all rights to their film.
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