Want us to envy you and your film-related exploits? Leave a link to your blog in the comments.

  • Jared Moshe gets invited to so many parties, he can afford to be snobby about the bad ones. Meanwhile, here at Cinematical Headquarters, we long for accurate trans fat reporting on individually wrapped bags of microwave popcorn.
  • The Cinetrix, with a shiny new degree and an actual salary, is thinking of giving up the blog. We like her - go drop over and help convince her not to.
  • Unohobo sneaks onto the set of The Good German, gets within feet of The Cloonster. Oh, wait - been there. Still, he got fake German money, so the envy factor still applies.
  • K-punk is not only capable of producing Cronenberg pullquotes that far outshine our own ("the violence is the violence of OUR wish fulfillments"), but also, his blogroll is truly full of marvels. I'm stealing all of it.