The Ice Harvest

Ok, who wants to see The Ice Harvest?

I know this damn movie is setting all of us up for a huge fall by looking so fantastic (trailer), but it's almost irresistible. Consider the pedigree: directed by the great Harold Ramis, based on Scott Phillips' critically-acclaimed debut novel with a script co-written by a Pulitzer Prize winner and the dude who wrote Bonnie and ClydeandKramer vs. Kramer. And consider the cast: Oliver Platt! Billy Bob Thornton! Randy Quaid! Oh, and that Cusack guy that I know everyone else loves. How could it not be good? Sigh. Yeah, I know. Someday I'll get the optimism beaten out of me, but I'm going to keep my hopes up as long as possible for this one.

It opens November 23, and the screenings will probably be the week before that - sign up at the links below, and you'll be sent info.