Steven SegalSteven Seagal, currently on a press tour of Japan in support of his new blues album, Songs from the Crystal Cave (I would say "speaking of bad ideas..." here, but hell - maybe the guy secretly plays a mean blues guitar.), was asked recently for a reaction to Sylvester Stallone's latest Rocky venture. In response, the man who thought that On Deadly Ground and Under Siege 2 were attractive projects got all catty, suggesting that Stallone "obviously [doesn't] get much work these days." Ouch.

Seagal, meanwhile, is probably a bit bummed about the direct-to-DVD US releases of his last couple of movies, including Into the Sun, a yakuza drama in which his dialog is reportedly almost entirely in Japanese. And he didn't learn it phonetically, either - the guy is fluent! Who knew? I mean sure, Brad Pitt might make slightly better movies than Seagal does, but when was the last time you saw him touring Japanese chat shows without a translator?
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