Tom Cruise; Ethan Hunt; Mission ImpossibleAccording to Mission: Impossible III costar Michelle Monaghan, the J.J. Abrams-penned and directed film is going to be - horror of horrors - character-driven! Based on his TV work, Abrams has developed a reputation for stories that focus primarily on interpersonal relations (and that have Greg Grunberg in them somewhere), and MI: 3 apparently will be no exception on either count. Though her contract prevents Monaghan from giving many details, she assured Zap2It that the film will have the action sequences that were found in the first two, but that they'll be combined with details about "Ethan Hunt's home life."

Hold on. Ethan Hunt has a home life? I don't believe that for a second. We all know that, when he's not dangling in a temperature-controlled environment or wearing clever masks, he's sitting in a storage closet with his batteries out, awaiting his next assignment. [Insert Al Gore joke here.]
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