Michael MyersNow that the almighty and powerful Weinstein boys have obtained the rights to the Halloween franchise, everyone but Disney is wondering what the future holds for Michael Myers and his soon-to-be victims. We already know Halloween 9: Retribution is in the works, but beyond that it's anyone's guess. The rumor going around right now claims that, depending on how well Retribution does at the box office and on DVD, the Weinsteins may opt to go the Batman Begins route with Halloween 10 and just simply start from the beginning. The peeps over at Dread Central met up with Malek Akkad (son of Moustapha and in charge of everything Myers for Trancas International) recently and asked whether or not there's any truth behind these rumors. According to Akkad, this whole remake thing is a "touchy subject because Halloween is such a classic and still holds up today. It's a case of why fix what isn't broken." Yet, he did note that it is something they are "considering for the tenth installment." Now, before you start hating on the Weinsteins, why don't we weigh the pros and cons here. The most fascinating aspect of the series thus far, for me, has been Michael Myers' backstory. If they could attach a talented writer and somehow flesh out that story, starting over may not be such a bad idea. Then again, you're remaking a classic that has an enormous cult following – the kind of following that would rather shell out cash for a sequel and subsequent Special Edition DVD's, than get behind anything that even attempts to go near the orginal. It's a damn risky move, but one that only Bob and Harvey can pull off successfully. What are your thoughts?

[via Moviehole]

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