Is Andrew Morton – the author of unauthorized biographies on everyone from Princess Diana to Monica Lewinsky – getting ready to set his poison pen on Scientology's favorite son? According to Radar Magazine, the British star scraper was spotted at the Rose Cafe in Venice last week, enjoying a yummy brunch with detective-to-and-of-the-stars Paul Barresi, and attorney Graham Berry. Both men have gotten themselves into catfights with the Church in the past: Berry, for representing a psychiatrist who was sued by the Church for libel; and Barresi, for trying to sell the National Enquirer an eyewitness account of John Travolta's bisexuality (surprisingly, it wasn't a laserdisc copy of Staying Alive). With such allies on his side, Morton seems to be marching into Hollywood unafraid; at Rose's, he was overheard calling Scientology a “totalitarian” organization, and comparing Cruise to Charles Lindbergh, the celebrity aviator/fascist. Insert tasteless joke about kidnapped babies right ... about ... here.
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