Ah, sweet irony. Demi Moore, who admits she's dying to win an Oscar, is looking into dramatic comeback roles, and one project she says she's considering is a remake of Michael Curtiz' Mildred Pierce. Joan Crawford won her own Oscar for playing the title character in the original, a long-suffering housewife-turned-restaurant mogul who marries a young pretty boy – and then watches her nightmare-bombshell teenage daughter steal him away whilst she's busy with her career. Moore, of course, has her own brand-new pretty boy husband; she also has a teenage daughter, about whom I made a tasteless joke on this blog just a couple of days ago. And, earlier this month, Record Online columnist Lisa Laws made her own Mildred reference whilst giving Moore advice on how to handle her hot young husband. Rule #6? "Don't ever let him watch Mildred Pierce"

[via Moviehole]
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