Courtney CoxYes, our cute little bad-dancing Bruce Springsteen fan is all grown up: Courtney Cox will play the mother of a teenager in an untitled Paramount project. The still-unwritten script will tell the story of a mom whose daughter undergoes what she sees as a rather alarming transformation from "little princess" to hip-hop dancer. (Don't worry, though, in the end they find common ground - are you surprised?) At first I was worried that the movie was a drama, because the summary sounds hilarious to me. Now that I know it's actually supposed to be funny, though, things are looking up.

I say good for Cox (who, holy crap, is 41) - I bet in these days of botox and face lifts and no roles for women who look over about 22 and are bigger than a size 0, it takes a lot of balls to admit you look old enough to play somebody's mother. Old lady Courtney will co-produce with hubby David Arquette under the banner of their cleverly-named production company, Coquette.
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