Denzel Washington[Apologies for the obvious title but Yogi Berra was poking me with a sharp stick. He made me do it.]

As Erik reported early this month, the havoc wrought by Katrina had caused Tony Scott to leave Deja Vu, which was scheduled to shoot in New Orleans. Though the public reason for his departure was the old, reliable "logistical and scheduling conflicts," people close to Scott indicated that the real reason he left was that he thought the film would be artistically compromised by the changes the damage would force. And when Scott left, everything fell apart, right down to star Denzel Washington's commitment to the project. Washington, who previously worked with Scott on both Man on Fire and Crimson Tide, was apparently attached primarily because of his relationship with the director; after Scott's departure, he had no reason to stick around.

Now, though things are looking up. New Orleans is rebuilding rapidly, at least in the areas where Scott wants to shoot. Most importantly, a destroyed ferry dock will be replaced by midwinter - for whatever reason, the presence of a dock was make-or-break for the director. So, Scott's back on board, Denzel is happy, and Disney is already booking hotels in New Orleans for early 2006. The only problem left with the movie is the fact that, apart from the lack of robots, it has exactly the same plot (a guy "travels back in time to save a woman from a murder and falls in love with her") as The Terminator. Ah well. Details.
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