"I've always been jealous of Vincent Price's career," says John Waters. "Maybe now that he's dead, I can hijack it." Court TV is giving Waters, director of Female Trouble and the original, pre-Broadway Hairspray, the opportunity to do just that. He's been hired to host their first scripted series, an anthology of spousal-murder-mysteries called Til Death Do Us Part. Waters, calling himself – are you ready for it? – The Groom Reaper, will film intros and outros to each ripped-from-the-case-file vignette. It's not exactly Alfred Hitchcock Presents, but it seems like a major step sideways for the long-time boundary-skimming filmmaker, whose last few films have been marginally successful at best. From feces-eating to family-friendly musical-fodder to marital murder mocking in just 35 years ... now THAT'S a career!
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