Rob ReinerIt looks like Warren Beatty is the fantasy people's choice to run against Arnold Schwarzenegger in next fall's California governor's race. He has a solid political pedigree (at least when compared to Arnold - Beatty's been politically active for more that 40 years), is pretty, smart, and is currently speaking to delirious crowds who chant "Run, Warren, run!" while he grins and waves. Plus, he can rap. You know, if that ever comes up. Though Beatty has been careful not to make any indications either way, Arnold's got to be a little nervous, especially given that his popularity has flagged significantly lately.

Surprisingly, someone else is nervous, too - and he's a Democrat. Unbeknown to those of use who only pay attention to California politics when the national media tells us to, Rob Reiner is a political activist in his own right. Not only did he "[engineer] a statewide $1 billion childhood development program," but many think he's been quietly eying the governor's mansion for a while, and is only waiting for the proverbial right time to make his move. If this is true, the sudden appearance of Mr. Charisma on the scene must be seriously bumming him out.
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