Chicago International Film Festival imageStarting next Thursday and running through November 6, the 22nd annual Chicago International Children's Film Festival will bring almost 250 films from all over the world to the kids (and parents) of the Windy City. Created in 1983 by Facets Multi-Media, the festival has developed quite a reputation over its two decades of life. Roger Ebert calls it "one of the great movie treasures in Chicago," and it routinely offers free access to its film to kids, many of them from the city's low income neighborhoods. But the festival makes an effort to be more than just a field trip. To that end, each year's fest is accompanied by a curriculum book, which "makes every festival screening a lesson in media literacy." In addition, a jury of 60 kids (in different ages groups) every year is given special training that prepares them to effectively judge the films in competition. Um, wow. Sort of puts all those other festivals for kids to shame, huh?
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