Peter JacksonNew Zealand deity Peter Jackson was taken to task recently in a report by the country's Occupational Safety and Heath board. OSH investigated an accident on the set of King Kong in which a scaffold collapsed, and their report, full of complains by workers about conditions on the set, concludes that it was by pure luck that the accident didn't cause fatalities. According to workers, they had been on the job for as long as 25 hours before the accident occurred, and "work practices and lack of safety infrastructure [under Jackson] were the worst" some had ever experienced.

The complaints prompted a harsh statement from the president of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, who said that the director "needed to change his anti-union approach and respect [the] rights of his staff to organize safety procedures in the workplace." It'll be interesting to hear if any of the crew from the Lord of the Rings series have any similar stories, particularly since the cast clearly saw the whole experience as a giant love-fest. No word on if the crew got matching tattoos.
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