Antonio Banderas; Melanie GriffithIn the same week that he joined the growing pile of random people with stars on the Hollywood's "prestigious" Walk of Fame, Antonio Banderas ripped into the movie industry's treatment of woman. Jeez. You give a guy a star, and suddenly he won't shut up. Actually, though he pretended he was concerned in a very general way about how Hollywood deals with women who aren't nubile young things - "[The industry] is very cruel with women that cross 40...Hollywood just goes for fresh flesh" - what's he's actually upset about is that his wife Melanie Griffith can't get a job. Clearly, thinks Antonio, this is because the woman is an old lady of 48. Since he loves his old lady, it probably hasn't occurred to him that it also might have something to do with the fact that she's only turned in twoorthree not-annoying performances in her entire career. Which is sweet.
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