The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

One big film festival in town simply isn't enough for Austin film programmers and filmgoers. Every theater in town has a top-notch schedule this week. Is this because we're close to Halloween, is it because the Texas Book Festival is on the horizon, or is there something in the air? Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is that this would be an excellent weekend to clone myself or get one of those Time-Turners out of the Harry Potter books. Even a fast broomstick would help, so I wouldn't have to hunt for parking downtown.

Austin Film Festival (AFF) is underway and runs through Thursday, Oct. 27. The festival is screening films in six venues around town, from the Arbor Great Hills to the Paramount. I'll be posting more about the festival shortly, but I will note that The Hideout was not even half-full last night for its evening of fun documentaries. The Paramount may sell out, but tickets should be available at most other screenings.

If you are attending the film festival and/or conference, you can put together your own schedule on the AFF Web site. And if you're me, you can put together a very organized, well-balanced schedule and then change everything around at the last minute.

Chris Holland is posting interviews with some of the filmmakers at AFF on Blue Glow. AFF also has its own blog, which includes a link to a fun Houston Pressinterview with Wedding Crashers writers Steve Faber and Bob Fisher about how to crash AFF parties. This week's Austin Chronicle includes a rundown of recommended AFF selections.

But wait, there's more:

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