Tom CruiseBased on polls of Americans 13-49 (conducted with techniques including "rigorous interviewing and statistical methodologies"), GeniusInsight likes to think they've learned how we feel about pretty much everything. One of the results of their research is the StarPower report, which ranks 2000 celebrities "in five overall lists, by awareness, likability, an exclusive StarPower score combining both, by fan base size and controversy level, as well as many demographic and other breakdowns." Whew. Basically, give them your age, location, and gender and these folks can tell you how you feel about, say, Russell Crowe. No, really - just ask them.

Though the StarPower report is certainly not available to peons like us (For free? Please.), GeniusInsight has provided a few highlights to pique the public's interest and, not surprisingly, the ones that grab our attention most concern the totally in love, pregnant, and engaged Tom Cruise. According to the latest StarPower figures, all of this "normalcy" is killing Tom's numbers - among other drops, in just the past few months he's moved from being our 11th most-liked celebrity to a lowly 197th. Ouch. While we sadly can't see who is 196th, he does share space on the "most controversial" list with Tom Green and Pauly Shore. Yes, that's right: Tom Cruise and Pauly Shore are on the same list. I hope for Tom's sake that Katie doesn't see these numbers - she might just rip up her contract and go home.

[via Defamer]
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