Dakota FanningDoes anyone in Hollywood remember that Dakota Fanning is ELEVEN YEARS OLD?! I mean, good lord, people - calm down! Yes, her movies have made more money than Julia Roberts' so far. But who thinks audiences flocked to War of the Worlds to see her? Yeah, me either. And I'm guessing the people who saw Man on Fire were there mostly to see a cool, angry action movie with Denzel in it, not because that little girl was so magnetic. I'm not saying she's not a great actress - she may turn out to be the greatest child-star-turned-adult-success since her idol Jodie Foster. Awesome! But even though Robert confirmed that she's a genius (or an alien), what preteen deserves upwards of $3 million for doing a job? Any job?

Dakota's cool with it all, though - according to her, the only thing that sets her apart from the adults on her sets is that she has a teacher with her. Oh, and that she's having her baby teeth pulled (and, presumably replaced) so that any gaps don't hamper her career. Of course she is.