The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion
, available in fine bookstores everywhere, is an old and destructive fiction that was ginned up by the Tsarist police in Russia around the turn of the last century to incite pogroms against Jews. The Cliff's Notes are as follows: divided into a series of sinister mandates for Jews around the world to follow, the book is essentially an updating on centuries' old anti-Semitic canards: instead of poisoning wells and snatching wafers, the Jews are reinvented for modern times as a quasi-supernatural cabal of cosmopolitans who intend on taking a wrecking ball to Christendom and enslaving the bulk of mentally inferior humanity. In his new documentary, Marc Levin (The Last Party) asks an interesting question: who is still spreading this blood libel in the year 2005?