If you're running out the door and only have 30 seconds to decide which new release to see, read here: everyone (shockingly) loves Dakota Fanning and hates Doom. When it comes to North Country, Oscars are coming, even if it doesn't deserve them. And Stay is just weird (not in a good way), unless you're Roger Ebert, in which case it's brilliant and subtle. If you've got time to click on some links, details are below.

  • Doom: In news that surprises exactly one person (director Andrzej Bartkowiak), no one likes Doom. Disappointingly, though, nobody gets very excited about it - almost across the board, reviewersfind it dullandstupid. Which is weird, considering how many people get killed. The only person I could find who liked the movie is a gamer who spends so much of his review explaining why all of the film's weaknesses can be easily overlooked by action fans and those who play the Doom games, that all we remember are said weaknesses.
  • Dreamer: All Hail Dakota Fanning: Another movie that fails to blow anyone away with its originality (A lonely kid? Bonding with a horse? Get out!), Dreamer manages to rise above the dreaded neutral review on the strength of its performances. Pretty much every critic sets aside some space to praise the leads, and though Kurt Russell (How long can you call a guy "underrated" when everyone loves his work?) and David Morse get their share of props, little Dakota Fanning is the one getting the bouquets. Hell, our own Robert is convinced that she's an alien; everybody else settles for genius - and even the only hater in the bunch grudgingly admits that she's good.

[Whew - it's a long one this week. North Country and Stay after the jump.]