Pyscho Halloween was always one of those holidays that changed dramatically as you were growing up. As a child, it's all about dressing in a cute little costume, and traveling door to door with your friends in search of enough candy to feed a small army. It's fun, it's charming and the three week-long sugar high is well worth acting silly for a few hours. But once those awkward teen years hit, Halloween becomes, well, awkward. Do I dress up? What if I look stupid? Are you dressing up? Why would I want to throw eggs at that car? I wonder if she likes me? As you stumble into adulthood, Halloween transforms into more of a celebration. Let's party! Who's bringing the alcohol? So that's what a French Maid looks like? If that's a nurse, I wouldn't mind being sick for the rest of my life. Regardless of what Halloween meant to you throughout the years, it's those quintessential scary movies that have united us all. Whether you grew up on Elm street, fell in love with Craven, wined and dined with Hitchcock or laughed at a young Frankenstein - there's nothing like curling up in front of the screen prepared to be scared. So dim the lights and turn that T.V to white snow, because it's almost Halloween on this week's Trailer Park: