• Look, I want Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn to start dating just as much as you do. I want them to have a million little Break Up babies. All I'm saying is, Lloyd Grove says at least one of the pictures of them macking on each other isn't real. Well, it's a real picture, but it shows not Vince and Jen, but Vince and Jennifer Aniston's stand in. So: Brad Pitt leaves Jennifer Aniston for one of his Mr. and Mrs. Smith costars; Jennifer Aniston then starts hooking up with another of Brad's Mr. and Mrs. Smith costars, only to get mistaken – by people who pay attention to her for a living – for the chubbier, unfamous version of herself. Love it!
  • Speaking of Angelina Jolie, Madonna is totally copying her whole U.N. thing.
  • Speaking of Madonna and bad ideas ... Dennis Rodman says, "One time I was in Las Vegas at the craps table doing my thing when I got this frantic call ... I picked up the phone and Madonna was like, "I'm ovulating, I'm ovulating. Get your ass up here". So I left my chips on the table, flew five hours to New York and did my thing. [Then] I flew back to Las Vegas and picked up my game where I left off." More crazy at the link.

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