George MichaelPersonally, I'm not the biggest George Michael fan on the block, but I will admit letting loose to a few of his tunes throughout the years. Of course, I would never show off my horrific dance moves in a public place, but I will throw on an album while in the shower, if only to yell out "Freedom" so all of my neighbors know exactly what kind of freak lives across the hall. Okay, now that I feel like an idiot, the ever resourceful folks over at Twitch found a trailer for what appears to be a documentary about George Michael with French subtitles. Whether or not our friends from across the Atlantic are responsible for this gem remains to be seen, but you have to watch it, if only to check out the mad editing skills going on. Honestly, this bad boy is all over the place and it's hilarious - to me, at least. A ton of props goes to the first person who can come back here and tell me what the hell is going on in this flaming pile of montage hell, because frankly, I haven't got a clue.

[via The Movie Blog]

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