Super TroopersNot long ago, Robert scooped that those Broken Lizard boys were planning to reunite with a new project or two. Although I can't imagine how they would ever top the masterpiece that was Club Dread, this new one seems to cut it quite close. Beerfest (yes, that's the title) will begin shooting this January in New Mexico and, according to Paul Soter, it's "like Fight Club, but with beer games." Here is where I would normally summarize the film for you by utilizing my superb talent for comedic timing, however, there's no possible way I could top Paul's take on the plot: "These guys get their asses kicked by the Germans, and come back to America, where they assemble the greatest collection of all-star beer games dudes, in order to go back to Germany and kick the shit out of the Germans." Wow. I wonder if I run as fast as I can to the movie theater right now, the pre-sale ticket line won't be too long? Okay, I'm gonna go. You wait right here. I'm serious. Just wait. This may take awhile.

[via AICN]

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