Kevin SmithA couple weeks ago, we wrote here about the stories floating about the internet that Kevin Smith is officially no longer affiliated with the will-it-ever-actually-be-made Fletch Won project. As you may recall, we noted that all the stories centered around a single source: a post on an IMDB discussion board about the film from the film's producer, David List.

The "real" David List responded to the post in a comment, thusly:

To all you curious readers out there -- yes, I am the real David List. And yes, I am the producer of the upcoming "Fletch Won" film.  And yes, Kevin Smith is no longer affiliated with the film on any level. I also represent Gregory Mcdonald, the author of the "Fletch" series as a personal manager. The david1019 address is just a secondary one. I'm happy to say that things are moving along nicely and the film will fall under the new Weinstein Co. Hopefully we'll be able to announce soon who our new writer and star are. Glad to see you're keeping a watchful eye. Hope you all come to see the film after it's made...
All the best,

So it would seem, to the misfortune of all the Kevin Smith fans who were hoping to see a Fletch Won film written by Smith and starring Smith fave actor Jason Lee, that it really, truly is not to be. Cinematical hopes to bring you an interview with List in the near future, to give you all the scoop on who's going to write and star in the film and what really happened behind-the-scenes with Smith leaving the project. Stay tuned!

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