Protocols of Zion

Director Marc Levin is all over the place talking about his film, Protocols of Zion, a documentary about the rise in anti-Semitism post 9/11:

  • Our own Ryan Stewart reviewed Protocols of Zion, noting the difficulty Levin had in interesting major Jewish entertainment figures in his project: "The best scene in the film comes as we see the filmmaker talking on the phone to Larry David and Rob Reiner, each of whom can't get off the line fast enough."
  • There's a great write-up on Levin and his film over at Green Cine Daily, where Levin reveals that the idea for Protocols grew out of a chance encounter with a New York cab driver who expressed his belief that no Jews were killed on 9/11. Levin, who is Jewish, sat down with the cabbie to talk to him more, and in their conversation the man referred to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a lovely bit of anti-Semitic propoganda (it's a forgery, supposedly a blueprint of the evil Jews' plans for world domination) over a century old that influenced Hitler, among others.
  • Levin has caught the blogging bug, and you can find him writing about his work and such there. It's a pretty interesting read, actually; in a recent entry Levin bitch-slaps The New Republic's Editory-in-Chief Martin Peretz, who crossed a line with Levin by making personal remarks during a panel discussion at the Lincoln Center, and implied that Levin's film is bad for Jews: "Excuse me Marty, I wanted to do a gonzo film without talking heads, experts,
    academics, and pundits like you."
  • Gothamist also has a great inteview with Levin up, where Aaron Dobbs talks to Levin about the irony of Jewish entertainment folks not supporting the film, and whether that might just fuel the fire of folks who believe there really was a Jewish conspiracy around 9/11.
  • The Hollywood Reporter's Duane Byrge, who saw the film back at Sundance, thinks that Levin's "ambition exceeds his cinematic grasp".
  • In yet another interview on, Levin discusses the challenges of having discussions with people whose views he wildly disagreed with, while trying to really listen to and learn from their point of view.

Note: Protocols of Zion opened this weekend in NY and LA, and will open in wider release over the coming weeks.