• A.O. Scott uses Wim Wenders and Cameron Crowe's latest efforts as an "in" to talk about road trip movies. "If nothing else, these movies serve to remind us that we inhabit an endlessly photogenic nation. But they also acknowledge the anxious distance that the film industry perceives between itself and the rest of the country. The movie road trip is at once an acknowledgment of the artificiality of movies and an imaginary antidote to it."
  • It looks like Spike Jonze will be the man to bring Where the Wild Things Are to the big screen. The Adaptation director has written a script with Dave Eggers, and both "exotic locations" and animatronics (presumably equally exotic) are under negotiation. But don't hold your breath just yet – as Charles Fleming reminds us, "To date, the film has done a very good job of not getting made."
  • Campbell Robertson dines at Bette with Dita Von Teese, world-famous burlesque dancer and Marilyn Manson's fiancee. "Everybody asks me, 'Can I wear black?' " Ms. Von Teese said. "I said: 'Of course you can wear black. Whose wedding do you think you're going to?'"
  • Mary Gaitskill, the author of the short-story on which Secretary was based, has written a new novel called Veronica, and it sounds awesome. "One of the great ancillary pleasures of Veronica is its portrait of what's happened to the participants of Manhattan's downtown arts scene of the 1980's, the first generation to come of age in an era of AIDS - a kind of "where are they now" for the Nan Goldin crew." Meghan O'Rourke has more.
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