Luke and LeiaSure, In the Pirkinning was funny. And, ok, it was sort of sophisticated, what with those models and CGI and all. But, really, it's no match for this incredible GIF that collapses all the important bits of Star Wars (or, if you prefer, Episode IV) into about 45 seconds of old-school animation. Watching it is sort of like playing Jungle Hunt on a screen that's about 1" x 1" - the graphics are so unsophisticated that each figure has only sharp edges, but instinctively you still know exactly what everything is. The best bits are the chase scenes, when all of a sudden the forces of good are being pursued by about four million little piles of black and white that we somehow immediately know are storm troopers.

Still doubting the animation's brilliance? Just trust me - you haven't lived until you've seen Princess Leia in pixelart.

[via BoingBoing]
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