Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan recently gave an interview to noted cinema website Box Office Mojo -and what an interview it is. BOM hit him with some truly tough, uncompromising questions, such as “Is Batman a hero?” and “Is it [Batman Begins] too long, at 2 hours and 17 minutes?” They also probed deep into Nolan's director's heart, asking him the question that every Batman fan is longing to know – would he like to direct a Harry Potter movie? How about James Bond?


Hidden within the fluff, however, is some interesting information (for instance, Nolan considers Blade Runnerto be one of his biggest cinematic influences). Such information is scarce, though, as Nolan himself admits that he is unable to discuss much regarding a sequel because the project is still in very early stages.

If you are interested in Nolan’s thoughts on the Batman Begins picture and the character of Batman, you might enjoy reading the full interview. And while you’re there, you can also learn his opinion of Mary Poppins.   I know, I couldn't believe it either. They’ve got an interview with one of the hottest directors in one of the hottest current movie genres, and they ask him about Mary “spoonful of sugar” Poppins. My heart rejoices.

If I had the opportunity to sit down with Nolan, you can bet I'd be interested in discussing his opinions on movies- but I don't think I'd start with Mary Poppins. In his response to a question about profitability, Nolan briefly mentions movies that had an impact on him as a director. I'd love to see that followed up with a more in depth question about films that have impacted Nolan, but BOM deftly dodges that bullet, narrowly avoiding asking an interesting question. Of course, maybe I'm way off the mark here. Maybe the public is truly interested in Nolan's views on Mary Poppins. So...are you?

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