Wily veterans of the movie business that we are, we here at Cinematical were predicting the Fantastic Four sequel before the original had finished its first week on the big screen (and when I say “we,” I mean “Karina”). Sure enough, the FF sequel rumor mill has been active for months now, largely based on the musings of the cast. A solid piece of information seems to have recently emerged in the midst of the rumors, however. Several websites (Box Office Mojo the most prominent among them) are now reporting a release date for Fantastic Four 2- July 4, 2007. Curiously enough, this is also the projected release date for DreamWorks’ 80’s nostalgia flick The Transformers.

I’ve got to say, this news warms my little geek heart. I know FF was a mediocre flick which did little justice to “the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine,” but the Four were my first comic love. I’ve been reading The Fantastic Four since I learned to read, and it just makes me giddy to see Ben Grimm on the silver screen in all his rocky glory. My fingers are crossed for a Mole Man or Skrulls appearance in the sequel. You may mock me now, I know you want to. That’s what the comments feature is for, after all.

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