Well, what do you know – it's been twenty-five years since the original Friday the 13th hit theaters, launching a surfeit of sequels in what was one of the most inexplicably successful horror movie franchises of all time. Considered by many to be the first "slasher" flick (or was that Texas Chainsaw? No, wait, wasn't it Psycho?) the long-running tale of a disfigured youth who punishes teens for exploring their carnal desires was recently celebrated at Screamfest as cast and crew, including creator Sean S. Cunningham, threw a bash for Jason Voorhees, who cut his cake up with a machete. Very nice. One person described Jason as "one of those characters that everyone can connect with." I would tend to disagree, but then, I can't stand the sight of blood and I don't care for hockey. Still, he's been a killing machine for over two decades, and that kind of tenacity is admirable.

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