Memoirs of a Geisha stillThough there has been a lot of controversy (particularly in Asia) about the casting of Rob Marshall's Memoirs of a Geisha, it is sill being awaited with high expectations, both by fans of the book and by those who see it as a potential big winner when Oscar time rolls around. There are a handful of early reviews floating around the net, and most of them are fairly positive. When reading them, though, it's important to remember that some final tweaking might have been done after the early screenings, so don't take the reviews (there are two here) as gospel.

For those of us who have to wait until the December 9 release to see the film, we could do much worse than to bide our time with the incredible gallery (taken from the HD trailer) over at Hello Ziyi. Wow. If nothing else, these images make it clear that, no matter what is said about Marshall's film once it comes out, no one will be able to say that it's not gorgeous.