The kids may or may not be alright, but if there was any doubt over whether or not they steer movie grosses, this weekend's returns should put that worry to bed. The game-sourced Doom opened in first place, with a paltry $15.4 million, while the second and third place slots found filler in the family-friendly Dreamer and Wallace and Gromit. Overall, the weekend was way down from the comparable frame from last year. Most of that owes to last year's Halloween smash, The Grudge, which opened with a ridiculous $39 million. But some spots are sorer than others: we'll not have to worry about the staying power of Stay, which flopped so badly with $2.1 million that it won't even make the Top Ten chart. And Niki Caro's North Country rode its Oscar-bait campaign to just about nowhere; its $6.5 million take was just enough for fifth place. Elizabethtown continues to slip and slide down the charts, but that should surprise no one – bad reviews aside, Cameron Crowe movies in which Tom Cruise doesn't star have never made any real money. Want the numbers? You know where to look.