A prominent fansite for the X-Men movies reports casting confirmations for X3. Eric Dane, perhaps best known to the geek world for his semi-recurring character Jason Dean on the TV show Charmed, will be portraying Jamie Madrox (that’s Multiple Man, for you Marvel lightweights). Reps for Dania Ramirez confirm her appearance in the film, but failed to comment on which role she will be playing. Yours Truly would love to see her as Psylocke, but noting there are already a significant number of new “good guys” being added (Madrox, Beast, Jubilee, Angel, Shadowcat), odds are probably stronger for her being a villain or a non-mutant character (who votes for the White Queen?).

As a small X-note, the teaser trailer for X3 will apparently be premiering attached to Peter Jackson’sKing Kong, releasing on December 14th. If you’re really into mutants but don’t dig giant apes (seriously, what sort of geek are you?), I wouldn’t fret. The internet will certainly provide the trailer very quickly. After all, the teaser website has already been launched.

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