Bitching about remakes is pointless because a) studios are totally out of ideas, and b) they just see money. I know. But Logan's Run?! For the love of God, why? That movie rules! Everything about it is fantastic, up to and including the terrible 70s effects. I mean, that would be like remaking Tron, or Flash Gordon, or something. Why can't Hollywood at least leave our cheesy sci-fi classics alone? Yeah. Stupid question.

Joel Silver is all fired up about the remake, which Bryan Singer was going to make before he ran off to direct Superman Returns. According to Silver, Singer is still on board, and he hopes to have the film ready for release in 2007. Granted, this could be worse - Singer will surely make a more palatable film than, say, Michael Bay might. And Christopher McQuarrie - not exactly a hack - is working on an early script now. But still. This is just wrong.

[via The Movie Blog]
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