• Always asking the tough questions, that New York Magazine. This time, the Intelligencer asks the stars what they fear more: subway terrorism, or avian flu? Peter Bogdanovich adjusted his ascot and answered, "I’m more worried about the avian flu. I avoid the subway since I started doing The Sopranos.” Chloe Sevigny, meanwhile, is less than concerned. "I have a strong constitution. My mother breast-fed me for years."
  • Gwyneth Paltrow may or may not be preggers, but The Superficial is already thinking up baby names, just in case there's more Coldplay spawn afoot. "I've never met a person named Banana and damnit, I want to. Plus if it's a boy then I could make some weird penis reference like "Hey, you're name is Banana? Does that mean you have a penis?!""
  • Alexis Arquette is getting a sex change. Is anyone surprised?
  • Madonna showed up at downtown hipster hellhole Misshapes this weekend, undoubtedly causing many a crisis over ironic, jelly-bracelet correctness.
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