GoodfellasWhy are you laughing right now? Do you think this post is funny? Do you think it's a joke? Whaddya think I'm sort of clown placed here for your amusement? Okay, I am, but I swear I had nothing to do with the 100 greatest movies list that Total Film Magazine put together. The same list that - you guessed it - awarded the Marty Scorcese mafia drama its top spot.  Calling Goodfellas the "slickest film ever made," the mag placed it above Alfred Hichcock'sVertigo (2nd) and Jaws (3rd), while Fight Club finished in the 4th spot (a.k.a. here's where we place a random movie that we know will piss everyone off). The biggest surprise on this list (proving it was put together by a bunch of blindfolded 6th graders) has to go to Casablanca, which finished in 98th place; one behind Danny Boyle's ode to heroin, Trainspotting. Among some other Top 100 list veterans, Citizen Kane finished 6th and Laurence of Arabia came in at 77. When it was all said and done, a spokesman for Total Film said, "Choosing the final 100 provoked endless rows of debates but we think we've put together the definitive list." He then excused himself to work on a "100 reasons why I should still keep my job" list, while peaking out the window to make sure no one had vandalized his car.
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