Stanley KubrickBecause he was an awesomely neurotic collector and organizer, by the time Stanley Kubrick died in 1999 he'd collected "more than 400 boxes of documents and memorabilia," all of which will now be housed at London's University of the Arts. Once they get done with the new building they're going to have to put up to house it all, that is. The move is expected to be completed in the summer of 2006.

In the meticulously organized boxes are such things as carefully filed fan letters, as well as a few of Kubrick's rare responses. One of these reads - in its entirety - "Dear Mr William, Thank you for writing. No comment about A Clockwork Orange. You will have to decide for yourself. Sincerely, Stanley Kubrick." How fantastic is that?

The archives are bound to be of profound interest to Kubrick fans and lovers of film everywhere, because they contain all of the director's extensive research for his projects, including a never-made Napoleon biopic. Kubrick was so passionate about the project that he amassed (and, of course, carefully filed) 25,000 note cards on the Emperor's life. Presumably the materials will eventually be made available to the public, if only for research purposes. At this point, though, it's pure torture to even think about what might be buried in there.

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