Meet the Fockers; Robert De NiroIn what is either a huge stroke of brilliance or a sign that the world really is about to end, Visure Corp next month plans to launch a website dedicated to getting consumers everything they see on movie screens. The concept behind the project is that, even though only about 15% of the "marketable elements" we see in movies are there on purpose, there are hundreds of products on the screen that audiences might want to buy. For example, say you see a really nice TV in the background of Meet the Fockers - this website will enable you to click on it in a still from the movie and be taken directly to Circuit City's page for that exact unit. And, presto - it's yours! In addition to affiliations with over 30 e-commerce sites, Visure is working on a deal with iTunes that would allow customers to directly download songs they hear in movies without having to search out titles and artist names.

Like I said: it's either genius or pure evil. Either way, I'm a little scared.

[via Paper]
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