RockyThanks to a careful examination of some recent casting calls, JoBlo has compiled a detailed list of the supporting characters in Rocky Balboa (the sometime "Hey, We're Not Hollywood Anymore" name for Rocky VI). After perusing the list, I'm sorry to report that there is nothing here to change the minds of those who fear the movie will be an embarrassing, cliche-filled disaster.

Among those needing to be cast are:
  • A girlfriend for Rocky. Well, of course. It's not like he's going to just sit around and think about Adrian all the time. I'm sure an appropriate mourning period has passed.
  • The girlfriend's son. Wanna bet that he's troubled?
  • A worldly, "grizzled" trainer. Is there any other kind?
  • A posse of "African-American homeboys." For the love of God, please let this stereotype belong to my man The Line. If Rocky has himself a hip posse all hope really is lost.
As you groan, just keep in mind that Stallone wrote this crap. He has no one but himself to blame.
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