penguinsIn his first statement to the English-language media about the monogamous, intelligent design-proving interpretation that American conservatives have brought to his film, March of the Penguins director Luc Jacquet made his disagreement abundantly clear. "I am a scientist," he said. "The intelligent design theory is a step back to the thinking of 300 years ago. My film is not supposed to be interpreted in this way. Some scientists I know find the film interesting because it can be a good argument against intelligent design." But, I mean, what about the penguins? The surviving! The devotion! The birdy love! "The divorce rate in emperor penguins is 80 to 90 per cent each year. After they see the chick is OK, most of them divorce. They change every year." Oh. Nevermind then.

While most of the people who believe the film is full of positive moral messages will probably just ignore Jacquet's words, it's at least nice to hear once and for all that he's not pushing (or supporting) their agenda. And that the penguins think monogamy is lame - a fact that makes that (formerly) faithful gay couple even more bizarre.

[via Movie City Indie]
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