SerenityAs we mentioned before the film was released, most of the cast of Joss Whedon's Serenity is already signed up for a pair of sequels. The only question is if anybody wants to pay for one, and it's been assumed that money will talk much louder than fanboy pleas (after all, that didn't do much to get Firefly back on the air). Well, as of last weekend, the movie hit the $30 million box office mark which, according to those who pretend them know, was the amount the movie had to make to get Joss financial backing for Serenity 2. Since this is all rumor-based anyway, all anyone can do now is sit and wait for bits of news to dribble out - though Joss, as usual, is wildly busy writing Goners, thinking about Wonder Woman (how many people can say they get paid to do that?), and taunting us with talk of a Spike movie. At this rate, the guy wouldn't have time for more Serenity until about 2010.
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