If you were a hotshot movie executive looking for the next big thing in the superhero craze, DC Comics would be a good place to turn. It is a well established universe with plenty of solid, fleshed out characters and a bit more gritty realism than Marvel. Batman Begins was a big success, and the hype on the new Superman flick is good (we will ignore the Catwoman debacle for now- that DVD hit the Wal-Mart five dollar bin within a week, I swear). It even makes sense to go to the Justice League, which can claim both Batman and Superman as members. But would you, in all your infinite wisdom as a bigwig, when browsing through the rich and deep pantheon of DC characters, select Aquaman as the hero to shine forth from the storied silver screen? 

On October 20th, young actor Alan Ritchson (primarily known for appearing on American Idol) guest starred as Arthur Curry (Aquaman) on TV’s hit superhero show Smallville. Today, he replaces Adrian Grenier as the rumor mill’s new frontrunner for the lead role in Aquaman, a project which itself seems to still exist only in the realm of rumor. Little to no hard fact can be found on the film beyond last year’s rumors of Alan Riche getting involved.

For now, the Aquaman movie remains safely filed in the “rumors only” drawer. If you’ve got more info on Aquaman the movie, please share.  

[via ComicBookMovie]

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