Sin CityAs part of Harvey and Bob Weinstein's quest for world domination, the newly-formed Weinstein Company will have a television arm, in addition to its rather extensive slate of theatrical projects. Included on the list of potential Weinstein TV shows are spin-offs of several movies, including Sin City and Rounders. So apparently they're aiming for HBO, or Showtime, or something – either that, or they're hoping that the FCC is going to change a hell of a lot by the time Sin City in all of its castrating glory hits the small screen. And because everyone needs a reality show, the boys are planning one called Project Catwalk, which will star Elizabeth Hurley. (Since they're big Hollywood cheeses, the Weinsteins get to ignore silly networks like Bravo. And shows like Project Runway. I'm sure the new one is totally different.)

Perhaps the most interesting bit of information so far revealed about Harvey and Bob TV is the fact that Anthony Minghella is on board to direct a pilot based on Alexander McCall Smith's The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. Written by Richard Curtis. Wow. Now that actually sounds potentially amazing, particularly when you choose – as I do – to ignore the fact that David E. Kelly will be producing.
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