Han SoloThe Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit that opens on Thursday at the Museum of Science in Boston is reportedly the first time that props from all six Star Wars movies will be on display together. While that's undoubtedly more than enough to draw fans of the series, the show has a greater goal in mind - namely to try to explain the science behind the cool gadgets that the minds at Lucasfilm (which collaborated with the museum on the show) have packed into the movies over the years.

For example, Luke's landspeeder is there, not just because it's cool, but because it offers a chance to explain the "magnetic levitation and the powerful electromagnets" that actually propel modern trains at over 300 mph. There's also a full-sized reproduction of the Millennium Falcon's cockpit (based on George Lucas' own blueprint), which is used as a discussion point for modern science's techniques of star gazing. And really, even if you've never been much for stars, you could do a lot worse than to stand in the Millennium Falcon listening to C-3PO (ok, so it's a recording that Anthony Daniels made for the exhibit, but still) talk about them.

For details on the show, visit its website; tickets are available here.
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