The SopranosOkay, so I know I got you all excited for a minute thinking the popular T.V. show, famous for going three years between seasons, was actually heading to a theater near you. Well, it's not, but a bunch of its stars have signed on for Made in Brooklyn, a feature divided into four separate short films that focus on the area's people and hangouts. Right now, Brooklyn is being described as The Sopranos meets Comedy Central; which, I must say, is probably the worst comparison I have ever heard - and that's without seeing the film. Could you imagine if they did that with all films? "Yeah, it's like Nip/Tuck meets UPN - you gotta go see it!" Sharon Angela, who plays Rosalie Aprile on the show, will be making her directorial debut alongside fellow cast members Richard Portnow, Vincent Curatola, Michael Rispoli, Katherine Narducci and Dan Grimaldi. So far none of the big guns (Tony, Carmela, Meadow or Janice) have shown up to lend a helping hand, but I suspect a couple of them are spending too much time across town, busy with their Romance & Cigarettes.
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