• "Thesps Gone Wild"?!? The Screen Actors Guild fired executive directorGreg Hessinger yesterday, at a meeting held at the Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica. This move has a lot to do with the recent expansion of the Membership First faction of the union, headed by the guy from Cybil. And, apparently, it's a stunning one – it's rare that Variety headlines cross over from inscrutable to borderline inappropriate, so someone must have gotten confused.
  • Lovers of sugar-struck whimsy, rejoice! Jean-Pierre Jeunethas signed on to adapt and directLife of Pi, Yann Martel's story of a 16-year old boy who gets shipwrecked with a hyena, a zebra and a tiger. Presumably, all with adorable bob haircuts.
  • Disney has become the first studio to sign up with Cinea, a technology that will allegedly allow them to distribute pirate-proof screeners come awards season. The screeners will only work on compatible machines, and, to that end, last year Cinea spent $5 million to send out special DVD players to members of AMPAS and BAFTA. Universal, Focus, Sony and Dreamworks have all confirmed that they're not willing to go through that kind of hassle to protect their films from piracy; several other studios are still undecided.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones fans have cause for concern: according to Brian Lowry, the new Zorro movie "evokes unflattering memories of the bloated bigscreen The Wild Wild West, and by introducing a kid into the swashbuckling at times risks devolving into outright silliness."
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