Fans of Neil Gaiman who hope to purchase the DVD of his recent movie MirrorMaskmay have a while to wait, if has anything to say about it. The apparently clairvoyant website is currently heralding a Dec. 31, 2025 release date for the DVD. Is this merely a typo, or does Amazon know something that we don’t? Neil himself guesses that Sony is holding off on the release date because of secret information they have regarding the coming “Great iPod Content Uprising Years.

Or maybe Amazon is just really screwy. They’ve long held a policy of putting up pages for DVDs before they officially exist in an effort to secure customers through pre-order purchases. For some unknown reason, they’ve changed the release date status on these products from “Not Yet Released” to absurd dates such as Dec. 31, 2025. Is it just me, or does this seem like a poor business decision?

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