Warner Brothers has apparently indicated they hope to release the sequel to their summer hit BatmanBegins on either Wednesday, June 18 or Friday, June 20, 2008. Other BatNews has also recently emerged regarding the Caped Crusader's cinematic sequel...

If the rumor is accurate, the actor who will be playing Two-Face (Harvey Dent) in the sequel has signed on for two pictures, and it is possible that Batman Two and Three will film together, leading to a smaller gap between their cinematic release dates than is usual for movie sequels (a la the LoTR films).

Is DC finally giving Marvel a run for their cinematic money? Personally, I'd certainly like to see the sequel(s?) top the success of the first, just for that reason. If DC can get some box office momentum going, perhaps more of their heroes will find their way to the silver screen. I'd give my pinky finger in exchange for a good Green Lantern film, especially if it was as enjoyable as Batman Begins.

Suggestions for the next DC hero flick?

[via Comic Book Movies]

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