James FreyIf you thought it was weird (not wrong, just weird) when Oprah chose James Frey's rehab memoir A Million Little Pieces as the title with which to relaunch her book club, you weren't alone. All the resulting attention being paid to the book, though, overlooks the fact that there's a movie version struggling through development.

Accoring to the New York Post's Page Six (which, crappy gossip page or not, is often surprisingly accurate with its movie news),
director Laurence Dunmore got so disgusted with the constant script revisions that he finally up and left the project a few months ago. Despite the fact that it no longer has a director, and amidst rumors that the script no longer bears much resemblance to Frey's book, all of young Hollywood is still lining up to star in the movie. Among the hot young things who have "expressed interest" in playing Frey are Jake Gyllenhaal, Orlando Bloom, Josh Hartnett (what's he doing in there?) and Ryan Gosling - in other words, everyone still think it's going to be a juicy role. Hoping the play the female lead are the young, female counterparts of the list of boys: Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johansson, Emmy Rossum (who?) and Rachel McAdams.

Though the chances that he'll talk about the movie are probably very slim, Frey will on Oprah today - if you're curious, tell Tivo to check it out.
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